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Ashtakam, as name suggest is a Sanskrit poem with eight stanza. Bhavani Ashtkam is a poem written by Philosopher Sankhracharya. In this hymns he describes himself and prays Mother Nature, mother of all. The hymns are reality and reflection of his psyche. Even though hundreds of years has passed, whatever he said is reality and still hold true and shall remain true. These hymns are still capable of moving the inner working of a person. This is how I interpret these hymns. न तातो न माता न बन्धुर्न दाता न पुत्रो न पुत्री न भृत्यो न भर्ता । न जाया न विद्या न वृत्तिर्ममैव गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥१॥ No one is my salvation. Neither the Father, nor the one who gave me birth; nor the Donor, Neither the Son, nor the Daughter; Neither the Servant, nor the Husband, Neither the Wife. No relationship I can think of where I can take refuge. Nor I can think of any knowledge or profession which will be my salvation. You are the only one on whom I can depend. Mother You are my Re

September On the Birthday Eve....!

Today is 2nd September. Today is a Birthday of person very dear to me, someone close to my heart. Our relationship has been a weird one... no matter how much I get disappointed. One thing remains and this is the truth. It does not matter, what I do, what I feel, how I feel for better or worse... I have utmost love, affection and care... something which I am not good at showing. How I express might not be very appropriate. I am not in situation to do much, but  I certainly can wish success, happiness and joy for your. I wish and hope that you will get what you serious wish for, seriously long for without any doubt or confusion. Something which is crystal clear and which is without any contradiction, something which is not a compromise. May you leave long and have a prosperous and cheerful life. Enjoy your life and enjoy your freedom. With lots of cuddles and love, Happy Birthday.

Audio Amplifier Bridging Adapter. Bridge your chip amps and discrete component amps.

Two Amplifiers are bridged together to get More Power.  There are many ways to bridge amplifiers. One can directly bridge amplifiers without using any additional circuit, but it is not really recommended. Bridge Configuration offers 4x more power than Single Ended Application. Power output of an amplifier is determined by Ohms law. So if applied voltage or resistance will change so will out power. Theoretical maximum power can be obtained from Formula  P = V*V/R.  While bridging amplifier one must remember that bridged Amplifier is able to drive Load/2 in single ended condition. So essentially if one wants to use two single ended amplifier in bridge tied load configuration, one has to make sure Amplifier used is capable and rate for that load. For instance if one wants to Drive 8 ohm load. The amplifier used must be able and rated for 4 ohm load. For 4 ohm it will be 2 and for two it will be 1.  Following Circuit Provides high Input Impedance and low out impedance. High i

My Interpals Profile.

So here is my Latest Interpals Profile. If liberation were to be ensured by mere cohabitation with partners, all creatures would become liberated by companionship. Before I can write "About me" I would like you to read and consider the followings.  Stalkers, fake people and imposrter will be blocked. Rant what you want say what you want. I do not care.    I do not mind bitter truth but I do mind sweet lies.  As far as I am concerned; only philosophy I adhere to is "respect all life form, respect nature and be a human". Humanity comes first, first we are human then anything else. Humans are born with logic and reasoning if humans cannot be humane then they are worse than animals.  Usually I am Introverted, hesitant, reluctant and shy Unless I trust, sync and open up to someone. If I open up I can be extrovert who is very chatty.  Though I think I am a realist, some people find me boring, grumpy, melancholic, negative and pessimist. So decide by yourself what ki

Beware of Parad Shivalinga, Ras Linga, Paarad Gutika.

I have been wanting to write about Paarad, Parad, Las Shivalinga, Gutika, mala, parad sri yantra, parad ganpati, parad laxmi. Before I can write anything any further I would like that tell you that, 99.99% of Parad vigrah is fake, yes fake, not authentic and has no spiritual benefit, they are not auspicious. Unless you want to waste your money I will discourage you from these Any Parad Vigarah. Now why I say so? If you will read Parad Samhita, Ras Ratnakar, Ras Chandasu, Parad Samhita, Rasendara Chudamani and other books you will know why I say so. Let's consider what these books have to say. The best way to Pray to God/Goddess is through Parad Vigrah. The the Punya argrit will be millions times more than doing other ways. Says the text. That benefit comes with if clause, well if this clause is not followed, spiritual havoc is sure to come says the text. Parad is two sided sword, if not used properly, it becomes maleficent, the auspicious becomes inauspicious. There

History Channel Ancient Aliens is far from context and reality. That what I can say after watching some of its episode.

A few days ago I was watching Shiva the Destroyer episode of Ancient alien and while watching all I could do was smile and chuckle ! Well problem with this episode was not one but many. It is speculative and far from reality. The whole episode seems to be distorting the whole idea to fit its whim and fancy. Well before I get into what they got wrong. Let me talk what These Ancient alien television series producers got right. It is true that It is not possible to ascertain when a rock craved temple was build and dating is purely speculative and is based on various references, if not impossible it is hard to determine the age of monuments accurately. They also talked about Shivalinga. In popular culture and as per westerners Linga means human male reproductive organ and yoni means female reproductive organ but this concept is not entirely correct and is fallacious.  First the word Yoni actually denotes type of species one is born into that was its real use. Similarly Linga i

Why Did I become Potential Bone Marrow Donor? Why You should Become One Too ..!!

I have had heard people say I want to be some assistance, I wish I could help, but I do not have means, I do not have money, that's why I am not capable of helping. That might have some truth, but there are things one can do to help others. Money is not always required to help someone. My haplotype Type A B C DRB1 DQB1 01:01:01G + 15:01:01 G1 + 04:01:01G + 14:04:01 + 05:03:01G + 24:02:01G 52:01:01G 12:02:01G 15:02:01G 06:01:01G I have always wanted to help people as much as I can, but I too do not have a lot of money which I can donate. I have limited financial means. I do what ever I can to help others. I give what I have, I share what I have. I think everyone can share what they have, it does have to be big, even small things count, any help is a help. Every helping hands count. Many people do not have money and they help in various other ways. Some volunteer, some donate what they have. I have n

The Essential Books that you will need for Upsc PreLims and Mains Prepration

My sister and I are UPSC aspirant. Many people who wish to prepare for UPSC are clueless where to start and what to study and what not to study, especially when they are just starting. Well there are many books which you can study, if you are looking to prepare for UPSC. Everyone has their own preferences, but there are some books, which almost everyone say that it is important. Here in this article, after hours of research, I have compiled the list of bare minimum books and study material which you must read if you are preparing for USPC or any Civil Services exam. Start with NCERT/NIOS/ICSE books, you must study them, they will form your base. For history, geography, sociology, civics, political science, polity, public administration, environment read class 8-12 standards books. Depending on your choice or understanding you can choose Ncert, Nios or Icse books. I mix books as some books are well written, while some are not. For science read class 8-10 ICSE books, also lo

Not all Led Lighting is as efficient as thought. Do not get Fooled and Choose Best Led Bulbs and Tubes

As far as I can remember I have been seeing Fluorescent lamps in my home, first it was based on inductive blast, later it was based on electronic blast. Fluorescent lamps revolutionized lighting industry and it was the defacto energy efficient lamps for years. Now there is new Kid in the Market, its name is LED lamp, it seeks to replace Fluorescent lamps and says marker say it is is more efficient and more durable.  Because of media people now think that LED lighting is most efficient and best but it far from reality. Not all LED is created equal so thinking that any LED lamp will be more efficient than florescent lamp, arch lamp, vapor lamps is far from reality. It is said that by adopting LED lighting, you will be saving electricity and money, which might not be far from reality if you have failed to buy efficient LED lamps. So do not get fooled by advertisement and be smart and learn more about lighting. Before you invest money, you have right to know that Florescent la

Shooting On A Budget. It is a reality and you can do it .

People think that they need a lot of money before they can become a good photographer. They think they need expensive gears for great photography, they cannot more wrong. Photograph is more about skills and talent than having most expensive gears. If you are not talented and do not have eyes for stunning images, expensive gear will not transform you and will magically make you a great photographer, it is wrong and irrational thinking. Yeah some gears do come as handy, but any DSLR or Mirrorless camera is powerful enough to counter any film camera or old film Slr. Modern DSLR are loaded with many features which in past were only available to expensive cameras. So in short even entry level DSLR rivals most expensive DSLR that were produced a decade ago. That's the reality, so you do not really need most expensive gears. So my dear reader, all I say is that You do not have too be steal money or rob the bank to be a good photographer. Even with $500 you can start your photograp